• White Rabbit day, Cape Town 2017

    SoldierMuse X White Rabbit Days

    In South Africa I had the honor of being a part of the brand White Rabbit Days. This is a company that is focused on design and the use of interesting materials, such as brass, copper and genuine leather to create bespoke earrings and neck pieces! Jewelry making was new to me at the time... Read more »

  • TAP Handbook Issue 1

    The Azanian Preppers Handbook

    This book is based on the experience of Captain SoldierMuse of The Azanian Preppers under the auspices of the Universe, her family and supporters. Copyright 2018 | The Azanian Preppers Handbook

  • Opening of ‘Queens in Exile’ by Athi-Patra Ruga at WHATIFTHEWORLD/ GALLERY, 2017

    Opening of ‘Queens in Exile’ by Athi-Patra Ruga at WHATIFTHEWORLD/ GALLERY, 2017

    Queens in Exile is about telling better stories. This isn’t simply a revisionist exercise, patching up inconvenient holes in the historical record. Instead, Ruga excavates collective memory and exclusionary national myth to rebuild both in wholly new shapes – to make a world where the exiled can reign. The result is a land of many queens,... Read more »


    Phoenix Nørgaard known as SoldierMuse is an artist, entrepreneur, jewellery maker and social issues advocate from Johannesburg, South Africa. Follow her journey on her MUSE blog or via her Instagram account.

  • The futuristic world of Obafemi Matti

    Photographer Obafemi uses “the city to create worlds shrouded in mystery and transformed by a futurist aesthetic.” These dystopian photographs take images of the mundane and transform them into surreal portraits that evoke a reality we all see and know of. These images pull a reaction out. When you look around you, it’s not unfamiliar... Read more »

  • ​Is Earth actually two planets? by KRISTEN BOBST

    A new spin on the giant impact hypothesis says yes. Scientists at UCLA have discovered that Earth is made up of two planets: Earth and Theia. Theia, a Mars-sized protoplanet, crashed into Earth 4.5 billion years ago when Earth was just 100 million years old. Previously, the giant impact hypothesis suggested that Theia sideswiped Earth,... Read more »

  • Kru People: The Africans Who Vigilantly Refused to Be Captured into Slavery

    The first Kroomen to be employed by the British Navy in Simon’s Town arrived on the HMS Melville in 1838. [i] Their date of arrival was telling, having coincided with enslaved people at the Cape experiencing their first breath of freedom. At this time there were two distinct groups of people settled at Sierra Leone.... Read more »

  • Cinema Africa: A Ghanaian Animator On His Beautiful African Fantasy Film, ‘Orisha’s Journey’

    Abel Shifferaw speaks with Abdul Ndadi, the filmmaker behind Orisha’s Journey, a new animated short inspired by African folklores. Orisha’s Journey, a short animated film by New York City-based filmmaker of Ghanaian descent, Abdul Ndadi, breaks the European normative lens through which much animated projects are viewed and produced, creating a delightfully heartwarming piece that... Read more »

  • Nnedi Okorafor Pens Two More Binti Tales by Lee Harris

    By now you’ll have probably heard that Nnedi Okorafor’s Binti has been shortlisted for a Hugo Award for Best Novella. Way before we heard this news, we asked Nnedi if she’d like to write more in this world. Happily, she said yes. In fact, she said she’d already written one. Okorafor shares how Binti: Home... Read more »

  • MUSIC and VISUAL: Okzharp – Dear Ribane feat Manthe (Hyperdub 2015)

    Okzharp feat Manthe Ribane – Dear Ribane Taken From the EP Dumela 113 – Released on Hyperdub 30th of October 2015 Chris Saunders – Producer, Director Deon Van Zyl – Director of Photography, Editor Manthe Ribane – Stylist, Choreography, Performance

  • Xaviera Lopez is a Chilean artist sparked by Vine’s six-second format

    Xaviera Lopez is a Chilean artist sparked by Vine’s six-second format. Remote, of place (living in Santiago, Chile at Vine’s inception), inspired by the personal, the journey of the psyche, clean Japanese graphics, the metaphysical, a new and distinctly feminine surrealism, animation, the superimposing of photography and sound upon a digital canvas. Hair, lips, eyes-expressions,... Read more »

  • HIV/LGBTIQ dialogue with the Future Positive youth reporters from Children’s Radio

    The Children’s Radio Foundation uses radio training and broadcast to create opportunities for youth dialogue, community building and leadership. Future Positive (FP) youth reporters host monthly outreach events around a relevant theme to which CBOs and community members are invited. These events transform the clinic into a lively space filled with youth from the community... Read more »

  • Artist Spotlight: Zemba Luzamba

    MIGRANT PERSPECTIVES: THE ART OF ZEMBA LUZAMBA by Mario Pissarra, Africa South Art Initiative (ASAI) Zemba Luzamba was born in 1973 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. After studying art at school in his native Lubumbashi, Luzamba (then Lutamba) enrolled for further studies at the Evelyn Hone College of Applied Art and Commerce in Lusaka, Zambia.... Read more »

  • MAMA WATCH in Khayelitsha

    MAMA WATCH is a public art project, which can also classify as community development initiative. Starting in Cape Town, Khayelitsha, they approach the mothers of the community living in Harare and take their portraits; later they paste the huge portraits on a public wall for the wellbeing of the people passing by. Using photography and street art as crime... Read more »

  • Photography exhibition by Mads Norgaard at The Drawing Room

    This popup exhibition featured prints of Mads Nørgaard’s work from 2009 to 2014. A collection of photographs that were taken in Cape Town’s suburbs and inner city centre. Mads recently did an interview with Nomadiq Magazine in which he speaks about the work and his role as a White male and foreign documentary photographer working... Read more »

  • Interview with Uppercut

    SoldierMuse had a chance to chat to Alvhin Adendorff, who is a part of the Cape Town based Uppercut crew. One of their trademarks is the use of impactful illustration, often with a post-apocalypse theme to it. We spoke about their collaboration with local illustrators. SoldierMuse: Yo Alvhin, thanks for taking your time to have... Read more »

  • SoldierMuse featured in Sibahle Magazine

    Sibahle is a growing movement founded by Ruramai ‘Rudo’ Musekiwa. It’s a celebration of Africanism through the use of creative mediums and activations, an eclectic lifestyle brand with the African woman at the helm of its vision. The photographs featured are about transformation and seasonal change. In the SoldierMuse universe “survival” is the most important aspect of being – Winter... Read more »

  • Magnum Fellowship awarded to South African photographer Sipho Mpongo

    The MAGNUM foundation “Photography and Human Rights” programme provides photographers from the Global South with scholarships and intensive training in the ethical use of photography in the advancement of human rights at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in New York City. This year sees South African photographer, Sipho Mpongo, joining the prestigious fellowship in... Read more »

  • SOULECTION Love Is King Compilation

    Soulection hit 200.000 listeners on SoundCloud today and released a compilation to celebrate the milestone. Soulection is a record label, radio show and niche collective of creative music makers worldwide.  The “Love Is King Compilation” is an unexpected Sade remix album and it is a real encounter – flips, remixes and chops for days. Have a... Read more »

  • Kaya Yoga with Ruqayya Bryce

    SoldierMuse met up with Ruqayya Bryce and we spoke about Kaya Yoga and how you can take a break from a stressful life and reconnect to your body: “I began practicing yoga while at university in America and was sold after my first class. I only went once a week but I always felt so much lighter and happier afterwards and... Read more »

  • Alkebu-lan map 1260 AH

    Nikolaj Cyon is an artist from Sweden who has worked with precolonial Africa as a theme. He has created a counterfactual map of what Africa could have looked like in the mid 19th century – showing an African continent without European colonization. He constructed an alternative historical timeline in which Europe was much harder struck by the plague in the 1350’s and never recovered. Therefore African nations would have... Read more »

  • “Crumbs” is Ethiopia’s first Post-Apocalyptic movie

    Have a look at this thrilling and surreal trailer for Crumbs, a feature length science fiction film from Ethiopia. Billed as both “an Ethiopian post-apocalyptic surreal sci-fi feature-length film” and a “love story,” it’s the brainchild of Miguel Llansó, Spanish filmmaker who lives in Addis Ababa. The trailer is downright Lynchian — never mind the violent Santa,... Read more »

  • Turning back the clock with Khumbula

    Law student Andile Biyana, fashion student David Maledimo and accounting student Bafana Mthembu form part of the fashion collective Khumbula based in Braamfontein. An ensemble of young creatives, priding themselves with the beauty of their continent and aim to showcase the art & science of craftsmanship in Africa. Here is what Andile Biyana had to... Read more »

  • The Winter Soldier by Mads Nørgaard

    “Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade.” – Charles Dickens A SoldierMuse and Mads Nørgaard collaboration exploring the light of Spring with a focus on the warmth and contrast of the sunlight and awakening of the Winter soldier. The series was photographed on the stretch... Read more »

  • 2 many siblings – a duo composition of style and art enthusiasts

    2manysiblings is collaborative project by Velma Rossa and Papa Petite. A duo of brother & sister from East Africa, Kenya, enthusiastic about art, style and visual expression. Their Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook pages showcase their personal style, how it is evolving and culture a visual mapping of their travels. We are excited to showcase some of their... Read more »

  • Afrofuturistic illustrations by Manzel Bowman

    Elements of afrofuturism and mixed digital medium. Absolutely gorgeous and inspiring. Manzel Bowman (Amitville, New York) is an artist who works in a variety of media. By rejecting an objective truth and global cultural narratives, Bowman creates with daily, recognizable elements, an unprecedented situation in which the viewer is confronted with the conditioning of his... Read more »

  • Gabrielle Kannemeyer, Stylist

    Gabrielle Kannemeyer is a South African artist and turned fashion stylist. Represented by Infidels, Kannemeyer has worked on a variety of projects and campaigns for local and international clients, namely Puma, Mr Price, Teaser Magazine. Kannemeyer also worked on the amazing series of the talented South African menswear fashion designer Lukhanyo Mdingi‘s Iridescence collection in 2014, it was photographed... Read more »

  • SoldierMuse for Georgette Magazine

    Georgette is an online style magazine focusing on extraordinary women, fashion, interviews and more. This shoot was the cover story for the relaunch of Georgette magazine and was given wide attention from both fashion bloggers and stylists locally and internationally. Photography: Anika Molnar Model: SoldierMuse Fashion Styling: Nicole Danielle Make-up: Jacqueline Viljoen Fashion Assistant: Perla Moleka Photographer’s Assistant:... Read more »

  • IG Inspiration: hheininge

    Instagram: instagram.com/hheininge or @hheininge Tumblr: www.hheininge-art.tumblr.com

  • DUNE MUSE by Gabriella Pereira Achadinha

    Gabriella Pereira Achadinha has made a name for herself as a photographer in Cape Town. Her subject matter is mostly portraiture, fashion and landscapes while her style of shooting is deeply rooted in analogue photography and the modern appreciation of the vintage look. Gabriella’s photographs are aesthetically pleasing and the mood is often nostalgic or even... Read more »

  • SoldierMuse impression by Luis Tolosana

    Drawing of SoldierMuse by Luis Tolosana of Falcon Comics – www.facebook.com/falconcomix

  • Inspiration: Rharha Nembhard aka Drone Goddess

  • Alec Lomami – CLV ft. Sammus, Badi Banx

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svPyXY1OZ2c Directed by: Tlhonepho Thobejane Written By: Tlhonepho Thobejane Cinematography / Visual Effects / Editing : Christian Denslow Wardrobe / Stylist: Lisa Collins

  • IG Inspiration: LINA VIKTOR

    Lina Viktor is a fine art and concept artist from London who gilds with 24-karat gold and uses patterns, symbolism, and iconography to address grand archetypes and concepts of infinity, greatness and transcendence. Instagram: www.instagram.com/linaviktor or @linaviktor Website: www.linaviktor.com

  • Out of My Face music video by Umlilo

    Official music video for Umlilo’s ‘Out of My Face’ directed by Tlhonepho Thobejane is the third single off of Umlilo’s ‘Shades of Kwaai’ EP. The song is produced by Umlilo and mixed by Ross Dorkin. It is an anthem for the revolution and fight against gender roles, segregation and discrimination. Download the single here: http://bit.ly/1d0hof8... Read more »

  • Shifting // Musing

    SoldierMuse photographed in studio by Mads Nørgaard for an editorial. Dramatic black and white aesthetic and strong poses created a regal and timeless feel. Local garments from fashion designer Rampai Motsai – flowing materials andover-sized coats. The makeup was done by Liandi Ahlers.

  • Ngiyakukhumbula – 90dayproject Co-Winner 2012

    Winner of the Cape Town short film contest “90dayproject” 2012. Directed by Kyle Lewis of Dirty Soul Productions who has done collaborations with SoldierMuse on several music videos, short films and other video concepts. It is a story about a family who has lost a husband and father, while focusing on the importance of being there fully... Read more »

  • Arnreuby by Odysseus von Bizmark

  • SoldierMuse in studio

    Watercolor is a swim in the metaphysics of life… a mirror of one’s own character. Let it be unpredictable and colorful.

  • Lloyd Cele – Ngiyakukhumbula

    Directed by: Kyle Lewis of Dirty Soul Productions