Turning back the clock with Khumbula

Law student Andile Biyana, fashion student David Maledimo and accounting student Bafana Mthembu form part of the fashion collective Khumbula based in Braamfontein. An ensemble of young creatives, priding themselves with the beauty of their continent and aim to showcase the art & science of craftsmanship in Africa.

Here is what Andile Biyana had to say about Khumbula:

“Khumbula is an ensemble of young creatives from the city of Johannesburg, South Africa and Namibia. We pride ourselves with the beauty of our continent and we aim to showcase the art and science of craftsmanship of our continent. Our movement is to create a successful African creative economy. Africa has such great voices which can bring a new stronger, unique perspective on art and the way Africa has been interpreted. But too many African stories are not being told by Africans. And that’s why Khumbula was formed. We tell African stories through photography. We document ourselves because we are Africa. Photography has given us both the power to perpetuate and break down stereotypes of what African is and was globally. It has also helped us as a collective to communicate what is important to us, preserve our history and has enable us to move people in ways that words sometimes could not. We hope our craft can involve a world of strangers and bring them to the core of what our country is about and touch what people don’t want to look at. Our craft is a continuation of an African legacy. We are a different perception of this mysterious continent. We bring to society, an Africa that is not seen on their television screens.”

Khumbula consists of Andile Biyana and David Maledimo – Co-founders, Bafana Mthembu, Harness Hamese, Lourens Loux Gebhardt, Papi Phirima Motaung.

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Khumbula

Instagram: www.instagram.com/andile_biyana or @andile_biyana

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