SoldierMuse featured in Sibahle Magazine

Sibahle is a growing movement founded by Ruramai ‘Rudo’ Musekiwa. It’s a celebration of Africanism through the use of creative mediums and activations, an eclectic lifestyle brand with the African woman at the helm of its vision.

The photographs featured are about transformation and seasonal change. In the SoldierMuse universe “survival” is the most important aspect of being – Winter being particularly tough for most people. Mads Norgaard makes use of analogue cameras and expired film for their work, adding an element of colour changes and tactile feel.

You can see the full series of images from The Winter Soldier by Mads Nørgaard.

The word “Sibahle” means: WE ARE BEAUTIFUL


The overarching vision of this movement is that every African person that becomes aware of this space, internalises this truth. We are beautiful in all our unique and colorful ways and it is only when we fully embrace the beauty that lies in our uniqueness that we can truly live from a place of power.

Check out the launch issue of Sibahle Magazine here.