White Rabbit day, Cape Town 2017

SoldierMuse X White Rabbit Days

In South Africa I had the honor of being a part of the brand White Rabbit Days. This is a company that is focused on design and the use of interesting materials, such as brass, copper and genuine leather to create bespoke earrings and neck pieces! Jewelry making was new to me at the time but once I got started… I was hooked. It is a way of expression and I like the idea of how earrings can express a mood and be worn by both men and women to compliment their style and taste. I also got to delve into the significance of brass and copper in African culture and history – something I would not have explored without this opportunity.

“I enjoyed working with my hands to make the jewelry, organising suppliers and interacting with clients.”

Genuine leather at Woodheads.

Visiting Woodheads Leather Company was always exciting and educational. Here I learnt about genuine leather qualities and collected all our laser cut pieces. I love the smell of leather and the guys at Woodheads sure do know what they are doing.

In my time there, we launched a new range called LOOK UP. It was inspired by the city of Cape Town. It was so much work and a tight deadline but the launch was a great success and well worth the experience.

The first time I traveled overseas, my stepmom Pam gave me a piece of advice that I’ve carried with me for years. She said, “always look up.” There are so many layers to a city and if you limit your vantage point to just one direction, you miss out on so much. Sometimes we’re so focused on where we’re going, that we forget to be where we are. This collection is really about a way of looking at the world; a reminder to take in the moments, notice the beauty right in front of us, or in this case, above us. It’s as easy as looking up.

Helen Andrews White Rabbit Days interview with Visi Magazine

The process and work involved in creating these pieces is intense. There are many factors to consider when working with the materials of brass and copper. Even the leather had to go through a lot of processes to get the perfect final product. I enjoyed every aspect of this because I appreciate learning new skills and I thoroughly enjoyed the productive environment.

My many skills came in handy for this assignment with White Rabbit Days. I was also chosen to represent the brand as a model for their online store and an online campaign.

Fun fact: Helen and I had actually met years prior to me joining her team, it was at another show she was a part of. I was modelling for clothing brand Arnreuby and loved her pieces so much even then! When I interviewed for the position it was great to hear I had made a good impression at the show and it paid off by assisting me in taking this adventure down the rabbit hole of White Rabbit Days.

SoldierMuse wearing Arnreuby and White Rabbit Days for an exclusive showcase held at The Grand Africa.