SoldierMuse Creatives

Combining and channelling the creative alchemy that leads to innovative, impactful and strategically sound creative solutions.

The SoldierMuse intervention starts with a thoroughly mapped, on-the-ground understanding of the company or group culture, and their market context. This intelligence forms the backbone of all SoldierMuse visions, alignments, and solutions.

Crewing Up
Through applying our unique, collaborative approach to all aspects of the project at hand, we are able to cherry-pick and secure the tightest, meanest crew you’ll ever need to complete your mission – no matter how seemingly impossible. (A good soldier is a resourceful one.)


We have a comprehensive network of media specialists to complete any operation slickly, timely, and cost-effectively – from photographers, videographers, editors, web developers, graphic designers, and copywriters, to overall concept creation and implementation.

We have received security clearance to divulge certain SoldierMuse clients: VICENational Geographic, AirBnBDole South AfricaMedia24, Discovery, Internet Solutions, British Airways High LifeShoprite, Cape Town Fashion Council, Mercedes Benz Magazine, Havana ClubSPAR, ARASA, South African History Online, etc.

SoldierMuse projects & clients