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  • Alkebu-lan map 1260 AH

    Nikolaj Cyon is an artist from Sweden who has worked with precolonial Africa as a theme. He has created a counterfactual map of what Africa could have looked like in the mid 19th century – showing an African continent without European colonization. He constructed an alternative historical timeline in which Europe was much harder struck by the plague in the 1350’s and never recovered. Therefore African nations would have… Read more »

  • Turning back the clock with Khumbula

    Law student Andile Biyana, fashion student David Maledimo and accounting student Bafana Mthembu form part of the fashion collective Khumbula based in Braamfontein. An ensemble of young creatives, priding themselves with the beauty of their continent and aim to showcase the art & science of craftsmanship in Africa. Here is what Andile Biyana had to… Read more »

  • 2 many siblings – a duo composition of style and art enthusiasts

    2manysiblings is collaborative project by Velma Rossa and Papa Petite. A duo of brother & sister from East Africa, Kenya, enthusiastic about art, style and visual expression. Their Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook pages showcase their personal style, how it is evolving and culture a visual mapping of their travels. We are excited to showcase some of their… Read more »

  • IG Inspiration: hheininge

    Instagram: or @hheininge Tumblr:

  • SoldierMuse impression by Luis Tolosana

    Drawing of SoldierMuse by Luis Tolosana of Falcon Comics –