“I believe in intuitions and inspirations…
I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not
KNOW that I am.” – Albert Einstein

We had the opportunity to document and be a part of a wonderful Think & Talk workshop with Memetor Cape Town – this was the final installment of their 2017 programme.

Think&Talk offers you a unique opportunity to meet people with different experiences and thoughts. Memetor is an expanding global company that assist individuals, teams and companies all over the world in realising their potential.

The theme of the workshop was INTUITION. What is intuition? Where and when do you listen to your intuition? How do emotion and reason influence the way you make an important decision?

Fazela Mahomed – for almost two decades she was the Registrar for Members’ interests in Parliament. Today she works as an consultant on ethics in private and public sector.

Crystal Orderson – she is a seasoned journalist and political correspondent. She spent several years as bureau chief covering West Africa, she now works for Al Jazeera, Economist TV, PBS Newshour US, Radio 702 and Africa Report. The inspiring speakers shared their perspectives on the theme.


Øyvind Vada (1966-2015) founded Memetor in 2003, after years of leading a range of global organizations to success. Using his experience as a business leader, academic and thinker, he created the Memetor concept and a toolbox of tailored, easily adopted memes to unleash the potential of people and the organizations they form.