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  • White Rabbit day, Cape Town 2017

    SoldierMuse X White Rabbit Days

    In South Africa I had the honor of being a part of the brand White Rabbit Days. This is a company that is focused on design and the use of interesting materials, such as brass, copper and genuine leather to create bespoke earrings and neck pieces! Jewelry making was new to me at the time... Read more »

  • TAP Handbook Issue 1

    The Azanian Preppers Handbook

    This book is based on the experience of Captain SoldierMuse of The Azanian Preppers under the auspices of the Universe, her family and supporters. Copyright 2018 | The Azanian Preppers Handbook

  • Opening of ‘Queens in Exile’ by Athi-Patra Ruga at WHATIFTHEWORLD/ GALLERY, 2017

    Opening of ‘Queens in Exile’ by Athi-Patra Ruga at WHATIFTHEWORLD/ GALLERY, 2017

    Queens in Exile is about telling better stories. This isn’t simply a revisionist exercise, patching up inconvenient holes in the historical record. Instead, Ruga excavates collective memory and exclusionary national myth to rebuild both in wholly new shapes – to make a world where the exiled can reign. The result is a land of many queens,... Read more »


    Phoenix Nørgaard known as SoldierMuse is an artist, entrepreneur, jewellery maker and social issues advocate from Johannesburg, South Africa. Follow her journey on her MUSE blog or via her Instagram account.

  • The futuristic world of Obafemi Matti

    Photographer Obafemi uses “the city to create worlds shrouded in mystery and transformed by a futurist aesthetic.” These dystopian photographs take images of the mundane and transform them into surreal portraits that evoke a reality we all see and know of. These images pull a reaction out. When you look around you, it’s not unfamiliar... Read more »

  • ​Is Earth actually two planets? by KRISTEN BOBST

    A new spin on the giant impact hypothesis says yes. Scientists at UCLA have discovered that Earth is made up of two planets: Earth and Theia. Theia, a Mars-sized protoplanet, crashed into Earth 4.5 billion years ago when Earth was just 100 million years old. Previously, the giant impact hypothesis suggested that Theia sideswiped Earth,... Read more »

  • Kru People: The Africans Who Vigilantly Refused to Be Captured into Slavery

    The first Kroomen to be employed by the British Navy in Simon’s Town arrived on the HMS Melville in 1838. [i] Their date of arrival was telling, having coincided with enslaved people at the Cape experiencing their first breath of freedom. At this time there were two distinct groups of people settled at Sierra Leone.... Read more »

  • Cinema Africa: A Ghanaian Animator On His Beautiful African Fantasy Film, ‘Orisha’s Journey’

    Abel Shifferaw speaks with Abdul Ndadi, the filmmaker behind Orisha’s Journey, a new animated short inspired by African folklores. Orisha’s Journey, a short animated film by New York City-based filmmaker of Ghanaian descent, Abdul Ndadi, breaks the European normative lens through which much animated projects are viewed and produced, creating a delightfully heartwarming piece that... Read more »

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