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  • TAP Handbook Issue 1

    The Azanian Preppers Handbook

    This book is based on the experience of Captain SoldierMuse of The Azanian Preppers under the auspices of the Universe, her family and supporters. Copyright 2018 | The Azanian Preppers Handbook

  • ​Is Earth actually two planets? by KRISTEN BOBST

    A new spin on the giant impact hypothesis says yes. Scientists at UCLA have discovered that Earth is made up of two planets: Earth and Theia. Theia, a Mars-sized protoplanet, crashed into Earth 4.5 billion years ago when Earth was just 100 million years old. Previously, the giant impact hypothesis suggested that Theia sideswiped Earth,… Read more »

  • Cinema Africa: A Ghanaian Animator On His Beautiful African Fantasy Film, ‘Orisha’s Journey’

    Abel Shifferaw speaks with Abdul Ndadi, the filmmaker behind Orisha’s Journey, a new animated short inspired by African folklores. Orisha’s Journey, a short animated film by New York City-based filmmaker of Ghanaian descent, Abdul Ndadi, breaks the European normative lens through which much animated projects are viewed and produced, creating a delightfully heartwarming piece that… Read more »

  • Xaviera Lopez is a Chilean artist sparked by Vine’s six-second format

    Xaviera Lopez is a Chilean artist sparked by Vine’s six-second format. Remote, of place (living in Santiago, Chile at Vine’s inception), inspired by the personal, the journey of the psyche, clean Japanese graphics, the metaphysical, a new and distinctly feminine surrealism, animation, the superimposing of photography and sound upon a digital canvas. Hair, lips, eyes-expressions,… Read more »

  • SOULECTION Love Is King Compilation

    Soulection hit 200.000 listeners on SoundCloud today and released a compilation to celebrate the milestone. Soulection is a record label, radio show and niche collective of creative music makers worldwide.  The “Love Is King Compilation” is an unexpected Sade remix album and it is a real encounter – flips, remixes and chops for days. Have a… Read more »

  • The Winter Soldier by Mads Nørgaard

    “Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade.” – Charles Dickens A SoldierMuse and Mads Nørgaard collaboration exploring the light of Spring with a focus on the warmth and contrast of the sunlight and awakening of the Winter soldier. The series was photographed on the stretch… Read more »

  • DUNE MUSE by Gabriella Pereira Achadinha

    Gabriella Pereira Achadinha has made a name for herself as a photographer in Cape Town. Her subject matter is mostly portraiture, fashion and landscapes while her style of shooting is deeply rooted in analogue photography and the modern appreciation of the vintage look. Gabriella’s photographs are aesthetically pleasing and the mood is often nostalgic or even… Read more »

  • SoldierMuse impression by Luis Tolosana

    Drawing of SoldierMuse by Luis Tolosana of Falcon Comics –

  • Out of My Face music video by Umlilo

    Official music video for Umlilo’s ‘Out of My Face’ directed by Tlhonepho Thobejane is the third single off of Umlilo’s ‘Shades of Kwaai’ EP. The song is produced by Umlilo and mixed by Ross Dorkin. It is an anthem for the revolution and fight against gender roles, segregation and discrimination. Download the single here:… Read more »

  • Shifting // Musing

    SoldierMuse photographed in studio by Mads Nørgaard for an editorial. Dramatic black and white aesthetic and strong poses created a regal and timeless feel. Local garments from fashion designer Rampai Motsai – flowing materials andover-sized coats. The makeup was done by Liandi Ahlers.